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    Robert Dann

A complete Cultural Perspective of Broome

Robert Dann, a proud indigenous Kimberley local, was born in Broome in 1970 and attended the local St. Mary’s school. He is a Nyul Nyul man (his ancestral tribe from the Beagle Bay region) and, as a Traditional Owner of the Winawul Country – the Sandy Point area of Beagle Bay, he is highly regarded and respected in his community.

At the age of 18 Robert decided to enlist in the Army (Norforce) and following his basic training in the Northern Territory returned to serve for 4 years in his local community of Beagle Bay.

Following his duties with Norforce he became involved with dance through Modern Dreamtime Dancers (Broome) where he worked for two years. He subsequently moved to Perth to further pursue his interest in dance at age 24.

He worked with the Aboriginal Dance Development Unit in Perth where he remained for 3 years before being accepted into W.A.A.P.A. (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts). He continued there for another year and a half.

Following his time with W.A.A.P.A Robert proceeded to broaden his personal and professional development by studying tourism. Upon returning to Broome he completed tourism courses with the Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation over 3 years. He continued to work with Mamabulanjin tours for a further 2 years and later for a number of other high profile and successful tour companies in Broome.

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Proudly to sharing my Culture withy the World

Robert’s passion and love his own country, his culture and the Broome region was the drive and inspiration behind starting Kimberley Cultural Adventures in 2013. The tour allows Robert to share the full story of the region’s first people and share his cultural knowledge, family history and experiences with visitors from all over the world.

An accomplished didgeridoo player and performer, Robert’s natural musical talent, charismatic disposition, drive and determination have all been catalysts for many notable achievements and accomplishments that have seen him share his culture both interstate and internationally.

Robert was honoured to be selected as one of dance choreographers involved with the production of the very successful Australian cult movie, Bran Nue Due (2009) where he also took on a small supporting role.
In 2000 Robert was invited to perform at the World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney where he played didgeridoo during the 2 week event.
In 2005 he took a dance group to France for 8 weeks where he played didgeridoo and choreographed dance.
Robert was invited by the Kimberley Law & Culture Centre to perform for the well-known “G’day USA” initiative in 2006/7 in both Los Angeles and New York.
He returned to France in 2007 following an invitation to play didgeridoo for the Australian Embassy ceremony for the opening of their new building.
In 2010 Robert was invited by the Kimberley Catholic Diocese to appear in Rome Italy to play didgeridoo in celebration of the canonisation of Mary MacKillop at the Vatican.
He travelled to South Africa in 2011 to act in a support role for a documentary re-enactment of Bennelong, the intriguing story of the infamous and somewhat deeply distressing relationship between aboriginal warrior Bennelong and Governor Arthur Phillip who was part of the British first fleet which arrived in Australia.
In 2011 Robert was invited by the Kimberley Catholic Dioses to perform in Spain, Portugal and France for the World Youth Day celebrations where he played the didgeridoo once again.
Robert has recorded 2 albums with his most recent titled “Spirit Of The Kimberley” which is a celebration of Robert’s culture expressed through the unique sounds of the didgeridoo.

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